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The Dharma

Psychic Warfare Against Dissidents. Building on work done in the early 1920's - this matter is mentioned by Dr Emile Coué in one of his books - spooks have built up an expertise in the harassment of the subconscious minds of political dissidents and other victims. "Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion", Emile Coué, ISBN 0-89540-095-2, SB-095, Sun Publishing Co, PO Box 5588, Santa Fé, NM 87502-5588, USA. Pages 34 and 53. The basic technique is the making of worrying and distressing statements and suggestions to the subconscious mind of a victim without their conscious mind being aware of what is being said. This is done either quietly while the victim is asleep or very quietly while they are awake. The result is that the victim is eventually driven into a nervous breakdown as the subconscious mind is progressively made more worried and afraid by constant harassment and bullying, usually carried out on a nightly basis either by accessing adjacent rooms ("We're carrying out surveillance on Mr X as part of a drug dealing/paedophile/whatever investigation. We can offer $DD a day for your trouble..." - a lot of people will sell you out.)or by planting an ultra-low-volume radio in the victim's accommodation (could be as small as a credit card). The latter situation can be countered by normal anti-bugging equipment, the former not. Very few microphones are capable of sufficient sensitivity to detect this, some are. Few audio-recorders record for long enough to be much use - 8 hours minimum. This behaviour when engaged in by spooks is traitorous, like a lot else that they do. When engaged in by others it is merely grossly despicable and, being a common assault in law, it is criminal. This behaviour equates to child-molesting, as the "inner child" is being harassed. With a sufficiently sensitive microphone and a recorder you can obtain evidence, without these you will be dismissed by police organisations (who feed from the same bowl as the spooks) as "a nut". Politicians, you will find, are either unprincipled or frightened of the spooks. There are "health professionals" who are unaware that this is possible. They are part of the problem and should be encouraged to open their eyes to reality. There is a simple touch-stone question they should ask themselves: "Is politics involved here?" There are other "health professionals" who have been blackmailed into assisting in the creation of manuals of destructive suggestions by the spooks - they are traitors to their professional ethical codes. The best "quick and dirty" advice for victims: a. get out and stay out b.repeat ten times with concentration to yourself the phrase "I and mine will NOT be injured or killed. EVERYONE is OK. There is NOTHING to be worried about." You can also take Coué's advice and repeat "Every day in every way I am getting better and better." c. you can try running a number of small rechargeable battery-operated transistor radios on speech channels at low volume while you sleep. Remember that spooks are scum and traitors. Anytime and everytime you can, shit on them.