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The History of the Cult of Setephis the Winged Serpent

This information was given to me by my uncle Colonel John Edward Hargreaves and by Winston Spencer Churchill in the early 1950s and refers to the history of what is known variously as the Cult of Setephis the Winged Serpent, aka Set, aka the Serpent of Midrath, aka Phoumenon, aka Anakis, aka the Demon, aka the Green Dragon, aka the Knights of St Columbus.

1,000 BC - Ancient Egypt: About 3,000 years ago something came to this world from beyond the Universe, from outside our God, with the intention of destroying our God. It came initially on this world to an area of Egypt to the east of the Nile and just within the southern border called Midrath and it built an underground temple (a fane) a mile under the earth and set about establishing itself as a power in the world by corrupting and directly taking over human individuals.

434 AD - Christianity In Rome: About the year we now call "434 AD" the Cult of Setephis the Winged Serpent (currently referred to as "the Dragon") took over the Roman Empire by usurping the role of Caesar and created the Christian religion as a cover for its God-destroying activities and to destroy its God-supporting opponents. The Christian religion was built around one of the Dragon's wormed ("cognate") concupiscents Moab "Jesus" Iscariotes, Rome's torturer and executioner in Medina, second city only to Antioch in the eastern Roman Empire.
The "Jesus" nickname - it means "the Gardener" - refers to his ability to grow plants in slits cut into the bodies of his victims. He was totally reviled by normal people for his delight in the abuse of children and women and also nicknamed "Toad Face".
The Holy Book of the Christian religion is "four accounts of a preaching tour" plus a grab-bag of holy booklets from various sources, some simply currently described as "badly translated" but which are in some cases clearly drug-derived ravings, others works of local tribal history. The construction of the religion followed ancient practices in this field of endeavour, none of them of much noticeable worth.
The Roman Catholic Church has been with us ever since as the principal overt agency of the secret Cult of Setephis.

Fanes of Setephis: The fanes of Setephis are underground, shaped like a bisected egg laid on its side - roughly a stretched hemisphere. They vary internally but are gold-lined and feature at their broad end a representation of Setephis - like an asp with two somewhat batlike wings set about 2/3 of the way to its tail and the tongue not forked but with the appearance of a hole in the end of it and with small teeth and vertically-pupilled eyes and regarding the worshippers.

History Of Abuse: The history of the Roman Catholic Church is one of the perversion of Wicca (wisdom) about God's nature and of a campaign of murder against its opponents and of the sexual abuse of its supporters.
Particularly the Cult of Setephis supports the sexual abuse and murder of children partly to demonstrate the loyalty of the concupiscents of the Dragon to its aim of murdering what is in fact our relatively newborn God, partly to denude the self-regard of the Dragon's concupiscents, partly to command their loyalty, partly to make them willing to do anything whatsoever in support of the Dragon because they have literally betrayed the God who made them by their actions and because those actions make them totally abhorrent to normal society.