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British Monarchy George IV - the future George IV was born on 12 August 1762, became Prince Regent on 5 February 1811 following the insanity of his father George III, became King on 29 January 1820 on his father's death and himself died on 26 June 1830. As Prince Regent the future George IV ordered a revauchée (a "revenge raid") on 240,000 people gathered to hear constitutional reform speeches proposing a vote for every adult male and female at age 21 without preconditions. The meeting on 16 August 1819 was presided over by orator Henry Hunt and held at St Peter's Fields in Manchester. It was attacked by fake "cavalrymen" with the intention of killing 2/3 of those present in order to suppress campaigning for electoral reform. 1,400 people were killed, 2,000 were severely wounded. Queen Victoria - Victoria was born on 24 May 1819, crowned on 28 June 1838 and married to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha on 10 February 1840. Within a month of the marriage, Victoria struck Albert across the side of the head with a trace chain from a stable wall and he lost the sight in one eye. About ten years later, Victoria beat Albert about the head with the butt of a leaded whip and left him lying on the floor in a pool of blood while she went out dancing. As a result partially of the neglect of the wound overnight Albert became moronic. On 14 December 1861 Albert was lying on the floor dead with a beer-glass wound in his throat inflicted by Victoria. Around him were 12 of her Privy Counsellors and her son the future Edward VII. Victoria was in a strait jacket, gagged, with her feet chained to her chair. Her son pointed out Victoria's 64 previous murders - of staff, relatives, lovers - and she was certified insane. The usual means of political vilification at the time was the postcard featuring a cartoon or later a photograph. French, Belgian and German picture postcards featured cartoons of Victoria with bloody hands and a trail of corpses behind her. Her murders were listed. She was credited with a private 'Boot Hill'. Photographs taken from the top floors of nearby buildings showed "the little, mad, fat Queen of England" running about naked in the walled grounds behind Buckingham Palace with her white hair trailing behind her and wearing a gilt tiara, crying "I am the Queen! You must obey me!" and being fished out of the lake by her attendants when she tried to walk on water. Victoria was also impugned by Lewis Carroll in his political allegory "Alice in Wonderland" as the short and ugly Queen of Hearts going around crying "Off with their heads!". The reality was that before her incarceration Victoria's military thugs or "Captain Jacks" were selected by her for their stature and swordsmanship, weren't necessarily English and obeyed her to the letter where physically possible. She had a mania about decapitating dappled grey mares, having been kicked by one as a girl. Edward VII - Edward ruled the British Empire in all but name until Victoria's death on January 22, 1901. Edward pursued a policy which would have been more familiar in an age where horse-breeding was very important. Under the system of "marionage" he fathered 300 sons and 200 daughters to lock his leading courtiers and the leading figures of the "Victorian" age into a cohesive social whole. Under the system a courtier's wife would bear a son for Edward and that son's siblings would benefit from Edward's support and patronage. Unmarried women, many of whom put their careers first or had other sexual inclinations, were encouraged to have children by Edward. Royal patronage for their careers and financial support for the children would follow. The social and scientific advances of the "Victorian" age were largely the result of this royal patronage. Winston Churchill the future Prime Minister was the leading military natural son of Edward VII under this system. On the negative side of society in those days, some affluent but dissolute members of society were engaging in systematic promiscuous sex, drug-taking and black magic. The leading black magic group was the worldwide Green Dragon Society and those "sworn to the Dragon" (aka The Demon) wore dragon tattoos on their forearms. The Dragon was not hokum, but an alien being which could provide financial gains and power to its supporters. Edward's second son, George, was sworn to the Dragon, as was leading press baron Lord Northcliffe and both had dragon-tattooed forearms. George V - George was born congenitally malformed, his eyes required the surgical provision of eyelids, he was deaf, he was unable to breed. George's ambitions, however, led him to murder his elder brother, and a replacement lined up for the throne and eventually his father Edward VII in order to become King. George's children were not biologically his and his putative son George VI did not significantly resemble him. George V, Lord Northcliffe and Northcliffe's boyfriend David Lloyd George got Britain into the Great War ostensibly for munitions profits. George V, however, additionally proposed a "revauchée", or traditional French regional massacre of the rebellious lower classes, under cover of war casualties. He proposed the reduction of the male working class by 60% and ordered his generals to cause 60% military casualties. George V's treasonous intentions were discovered, circumvented and publicised within the British Army. On 18 December 1918 following the Armistice the British Army came home and executed David Lloyd George and Lord Northcliffe in the cellar of 10 Downing Street, London, where there was the entrance to a tunnel leading to Buckingham Palace which the army had blocked with a mine explosion. From the body of the Dragon's concupiscent Lord Northcliffe exited a green alien worm, the physical manifestation of the Dragon, which disappeared into a glowing green worm-hole. David Lloyd George's last despairing words to Northcliffe were "Take me with you! I'm your tully!". After the war the appearance of the actual revolution was suppressed for strategic reasons. David Lloyd George's and Lord Northcliffe's brothers acted as stand-ins for them. George V fled first to Sandringham in Norfolk to pick up some magical incunabula, then to Balmoral in Scotland which he didn't leave for four years while the public heat died down. Two of George V's stand-ins were assassinated in North Wales and at Blackpool before justice eventually caught up with him. In 1926 George V asked the Russian ambassador for sanctuary for himself and his family but was assassinated in Buckingham Palace with a Bergmann submachinegun by a leading Lancashire revolutionary. A better man stood in for him until his death in 1936. The impersonations were referred to in a popular music-hall ballad entitled "The Man Who Wore The Beard". George VI's Treason, Churchill Crowned King - George VI's pro-German views led him to order the grounding of a cruiser during the WW2 Norwegian Campaign, to oppose the execution of the pro-German traitor Lord Gort for the BEF fiasco, to support talks with the Germans at the commencement of their V1 Campaign and to propose that war-criminals should be regarded as ordinary Wehrmacht soldiers. After the end of the war George VI asked the Russian government for refuge for himself and his pro-German family. "The throne being effectively vacant", said Churchill, "I moved in." In November 1945 Winston Churchill was elected King by the acclaim of 10,000 of his officers and crowned himself in Westminster Abbey in accordance with tradition. The British Army's senior officers had had shown to them at the end of the war a film of Attlee, Gaitskell and the Soviet Ambassador discussing the blackmail material (under-age "nymphs" for Attlee, boys for Gaitskell) that was being held over them. Clement Attlee, who had become Prime Minister following some double-dealing in a General Election held while the war was still in progress, handed Churchill the crown. Hugh Gaitskell was train-bearer. At the ceremony Churchill gave a double-action Colt revolver in .45 Long Colt to each of his 10,000 officers saying "Keep this in remembrance of me". I never saw so many men crying, my father told me, but they were happy tears. Averell Harriman, for the US government and the alien Dragon, in a showdown with Churchill at the reception after the ceremony produced a ray gun and sliced down a chandelier. Churchill and three henchmen produced ray guns and Churchill sliced a tossed metal pail in two. Harriman threatened nukes. Churchill counter-threatened nukes. Harriman said nukes could be made to arrive anywhere by matter-transport. The "Russian Ambassador", in fact Joseph Stalin, and his henchmen including Lavrenti Beria, backed Churchill's play for Earth and our God. Eventually Churchill conceded force majeure to the Dragon and explained over the next few days to his officers the planetary, galactic and universal situation as regards the invasion of our God by the alien Dragon. Churchill's coronation as Edward VIII, his father's successor, was not publicised. Churchill also said that he was adopted by Edward VII at birth and he claimed the Crown on this basis also, but in 1915 four of the five witnesses to the adoption were murdered in a showdown at Windsor with George V and his henchmen over a letter which the Old King's party were circulating following the discovery of George's V's "cause 60% casualties" order to the Army - an attempted revauchée. The four murders were reported in The Times as "an accident with a mitraillette" and amended into George V suffering an accident. The fifth witness had to hide out for the next ten years until George V's assassination in 1926. Winston Churchill, being Head of the Wiccan Council of the Realm, was not endangered. Churchill returned as Prime Minister in 1951. In 1953 Elizabeth II was crowned Queen. Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (Most of this information was given me in 1953 by Winston Churchill during a visit by him to Singapore. I was in the company of my father Captain Richard Bassett and my uncle Colonel John Edward "Jock" Hargreaves DSO.) Churchill stated that he was the eldest natural son of Edward VII by the French aristocratic process of "marionage", his predecessors having died in childhood. Churchill said that the future George V, it being concluded by his father that he was genetically unfit to breed had been cut out of the succession. The future George V had first murdered his elder brother, next a member of the aristocracy picked by his father to be King and finally his father Edward VII to become King. That was done with the assistance of the newspaper magnate Lord Northcliffe, the then head of the Green Dragon secret society and the lover of David Lloyd George. George V had then been unable to breed, "his" children were produced by a surrogate and the whole "House of Windsor" is spurious and not directly genetically related to Edward VII. Churchill told me that 160,000 people had been murdered by three murder-commandos in Macedonia 1934-42, all officially led by relatives of Greek dictator General Ioannis Metaxas, one in fact headed by a member of the Greek royal family. The victims were Serbs, Albanians and Turks and a few Jewish victims were inevitable. The said member of the Greek royal family having committed an atrocity against 150 17-year old German national conscripts, killed on the general orders of Metaxas, a price was put on his head by Hitler, who also ordered the assassination of Metaxas over this atrocity, known from the rape and burning alive of the troops as the "Sodom and Gomorrah" atrocity date 1941, I believe the location was the Greek-Macedonian border region. The member of the Greek royal family involved is Prince Philip, currently Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, both rumoured to have attempted to hire an assassin to murder Princess Diana and suspected of having achieved this. They have been publicly accused of involvement in this murder by Mohammed Al Fayed, father of the co-victim, the alleged motivation was racism. Reportedly Elizabeth was with Philip in Greece in 1940 and was filmed trying out a belt-fed machinegun on dark-haired victims probably Albanian, about 200 of whom were killed. Elizabeth's comment about the gun was "It's so smooth, Uncle Philip!" Elizabeth is also alleged to have made a "First to 1,000 personal kills" wager with Prince Philip which she won and her personal kill total, being children women and men in that order, was about 1,400 in Metaxan Macedonia. Philip's 40,000 Macedonian victims were mostly Serbs, his expressed motivation being "to preserve the purity of the German race". Self-styled at the time as Philip of Hesse and Philip of Macedon, his murder-commando was styled as the "Legion of St Andrew", their vehicle sigil a thin black Latin cross with crossbar on a white panel, originally the symbol of Roman Catholic extremists who burnt victims alive on such iron crosses. Philip's men had a custom of impaling Serbian children's heads on spikes on the fronts of his vehicles. Reputedly a photograph exists of him smiling at the severed head of a Serbian girl he was holding up by the pigtails. The other murder-commandos were titled the "Legion of St George" and the "Legion of St Michael". Philip reputedly assassinated the cousin of Metaxas Tsoufexis Metaxa for the job of leading a Legion, and two of the in-laws of Metaxas Alexei Giorgiou Metaxa and Coliou Alexaios Giorgiou leading the other two Legions assassinated Metaxas to ingratiate themselves with the angry Hitler after the "Sodom and Gomorrah" atrocity. The general aim of the three murder-Legions was "ethnic cleansing" and the expansion of the original Greek borders and they worked out of barracks in Tirana, Skopje and "Tiflis" nickname/codename of a combat aircraft base armed, equipped and trained by the British in support of their interests in Palestine, Egypt and the Middle East generally. That airbase provided fighter support, reconnaissance, glider and parachute troops and small-volume troop transport. There was also some kind of a linkup between the murder-legions and a series of extermination camps. Philip's age in 1942 was 26 and several years were dropped off his age to help cleanse his reputation when he fled to England. He was rapidly de-Nazified at the end of WW2 - all his sisters married prominent Nazis - because Ribbentrop said he'd been refused membership of the Nazi party as a criminal, psychopath and sadist over said atrocity against 17-year old German troops in which a relative of Hitler (a neice posing as a male soldier) was reputedly a victim. Philip had a genuine German tank at the head of his column, he and his officers spoke German, numbers of his men had bleached-blond hair, they wore black uniforms and in general deliberately gave the impression that the genocide had German military support. There are rumours that pictures exist of Prince Philip in Nazi uniform giving a Nazi salute to Adolf Hitler. Apparently Hitler was in the habit of lending German "transfer" officers and troops to Axis and other friendly governments for critical efforts on a "friendly" rather than official basis. Hitler concluded that Philip was deliberately doing all this with the intention of deceiving people postwar that the Germans had carried out the genocide rather than right-wing Greeks. Photographs and films of this genocide may well have been deliberately made available with the intention of deceiving people as to who had carried out the genocide. Further investigation of the photos/films might bring suspicious items to light, such as rubber tyres deriving from British rubber supplies (ie the Greek government supplied them) as opposed to German ones. Some of the evidence needed to convict Philip and Elizabeth may simply need re-interpretation. The belt-fed machine gun that Elizabeth was using was a BESA, a British-made modification of the Czech ZB37 in 7.92mm which was similar to the German MG34. Churchill said the gun had been modified so that extractor and ejector marks on the British-made cartridges were different to those produced by Czech and German machine guns in order that there should be less confusion subsequently about who had done what with them. He said the metallurgy of the bullets and cases and the chemistry of the primer and propellants were all significantly different from Continental-made ammunition. There is therefore forensic identifiability built into the guns and ammunition which were supplied by Britain to the right-wing Metaxist government and its predecessors. There is no reason to doubt that the British knew that their equipment was being used for genocidal activities. Churchill commented that he was relying on the hatred of the victims' relatives, friends and countrymen to secure justice in this matter. He numbered himself among the enemies of Philip and Elizabeth as then heads of the House of Windsor and stressed that he had during his time in power made sure that plenty of copies of particularly photographic evidence of Philip and Elizabeth's actions would be available despite anticipated subsequent UK and US government efforts at destroying evidence. Searches for evidence should begin in the most obvious places first. It should also be pointed out that the UK Royal Family has an extensive fortune from which claims for compensation could be made for the murders carried out by Philip and Elizabeth during the Metaxist era. There was another, related "Philip of Hesse" but he was facially dissimilar and not engaged in this genocide. Prince Philip is apparently not a full member of the Greek royal family. Churchill also commented that he would like to see the British monarchy back in rightful hands but currently forces behind the American government opposed his being King and his election as King by his officers in 1945 had in effect been undone. He said that he had tried to set up a situation with the British monarchy which would one day become intolerable and that he hoped that at last justice would be done for his murdered father and the other victims of George V. It is worth pointing out that Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have been in a position to apply positive political pressure in favour of Greek interests as against Turkish, for example, and of right-wing interests in Greece and elsewhere. It is believed that the Turkish government during the Metaxist era took an interest in gathering information about the genocide of Turks in the general region of Macedonia. Although the Metaxist genocides are WW2, the Greek Civil War, the era of communist Yugoslavia, the era of the Greek colonels junta and finally the era of the former-Yugoslavian conflict distant in time the incriminating evidence is still available for those who are willing to make a positive effort. 1941-on Clement Attlee Backs Prince Philip: The reason Winston Churchill didn't have Prince Philip shot out of hand is that the British pre- and early-WW2 military alliance with Metaxas was useful. The Greek Royal Navy had as I recall 8 submarines, 5 of British manufacture and 3 of Russian plus a flotilla of 24 ships for inter-island activity - kind of motorised fishing boats with guns fitted. As soon as those submarines came into British bases to be resupplied they were taken over and their crews were shot for atrocities on the high seas conducted against British citizens among others - what the Metaxists called "suppressing marine refugee traffic" better known as sporadic piracy and murder. However, the military assistance of the Metaxist government was generally useful in its time to the British and that's why Prince Philip was allowed into the UK under Winston Churchill's wartime government. What Prince Philip was, was entirely another matter. Talking to him before he assumed his "completely British" persona was, I'm told, like talking to a living history book from the Eastern Mediterranean, hence his use of the term "Serpent of Midrath" to describe the cult to which he had given his loyalty which is a great deal older a term than the Sino-American "Green Dragon Society" currently in use in the UK and clearly understood in the US. The morality of his associates also conformed completely to that of their milieu, "a smelly little police state on the borders of civilisation", and when they came to London with Philip they acted accordingly. Which some who were raped may remember and others choose to forget. As for our "Queen" the Princess Elizabeth was featured in one film I've seen explaining to Prince Philip of Hesse in Greece how she came to be a Princess. "I was taken from the spare children heap in the local fane" she explained. "Auntie (aka Queen May of Endor aka Queen Mary aka Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother) picked me out and checked me over and decided I was suitable. Fortunately for me, or I'd have been sacrificed and eaten, most probably. Had I not been bought by the Green Dragon Society I'd probably have been prostituted as a child and ended up dead at 16 of syphilis, beatings and alcoholism. Instead I'm to be Queen of England." Winston Churchill said this: "In 1941 and again in 1942 when I was leader of the National Government I raised the subject of Prince Philip's matrimonial ambitions towards Princess Elizabeth in closed sessions in the House of Commons, bearing in mind his background of right-wing genocide, his fake claims to aristocracy and his custom of murdering people in stone-crushing machinery and selling the remains to the Greek shrimp fishing industry. Clement Attlee got up on both occasions and said that the concupiscents of the Green Dragon Society welcomed the leading Greek concupiscent of the Green Dragon Society in Europe Prince Philip of Hesse and would be entirely happy to see him marry the Princess Elizabeth. And he sat down. Nobody said anything else and that was the end of debate on the matter." Insight Into Ioannis Metaxas: From 1920-25 Metaxas as a young lieutenant-colonel wearing his alternate "hat" as a Prince of the Royal Italian House of Savoy supervised the "Cyrenaica Clearances" - a historian's reference to the similar "Highland Clearances" in Scotland. Over 1.1 million people - Arabs, Turks, Greeks and even a few aboriginals - were murdered by being pushed out of the coastal towns and settlements to die in the desert, cut off from escape laterally by roadblocks and from succour and even slavery by motorised and air-commanded patrols across the southern deserts and by the command of and the deliberate souring of oases and waterholes. Metaxas' words on one occasion are memorable. He hated the archetypal Greek - the blond or ash-blond hair, the dark and in some cases almost black skin, the blue or grey eyes and their characteristic wide-spacing - and would take great pleasure in killing such people slowly. He said: "The Greek Gods were inimical. Deliteroi. [a Greek expression meaning 'progressively more damaging'] They kept me out of Greece for over a thousand years. I still remember the grey eyes over the raygun sights and the green fire." He shivered. "As a people they are gone where the wind blows, but they have left their traces. The Germans in particular impress me. One of them has only to speak of Honour and all their jaw muscles clench, their eyes bulge slightly and their heads rise and they are militarily immovable. It's like fighting a lawnmower - or a meat-grinder. I spoke to a 16-year old German conscript once about fear. He admitted to occasional qualms but said he customarily looked to one of his older comrades who he'd usually see was singing "The Madeleine" to himself while shooting and he turned back with grim heart and leaned into his gun once more." 1944-51 - Greek Civil War: In 1944 Greece was in turmoil, by 1945 Clement Attlee's new Labour Government had an iron grip on Greece backed by US gangster President Harry Stevenson Truman and Prince Philip was their front man for the Metaxist Royalist faction. In pursuit of the "Truman Doctrine" which can be summed as "Call them Communists and back local criminals to murder them to keep your hands clean", Prince Philip was sold 2,000 US military trucks for a dollar apiece and covertly supplied by the US government with free 4" naval shells and 7.92mm Mauser rifle ammunition of US manufacture for the captured Axis MG42 and clone machine guns and the 4" guns of the 61 British destroyers of American origin that Attlee presented him with. Prince Philip used the Royal Yacht Britannia as headquarters for his Greek islands campaign. It was frequently alleged that the yacht was gun-running for the Greek Royalists and later for EOKA, doing a round-trip between CIA-Christian Democrat arms suppliers in Italy and Greece. The Britannia was a former Royal Navy marine survey vessel with internal anti-torpedo belt armour, an internal bathyscaphe hatch, winding gear and winches, 4-direction torpedo tubes and hidden gun mounts. It displayed the Prince's personal insigne as the satrap of Setephis, a gold dragon on a green shield with the thin black iron burning cross of the Jesuits above it on its jackstaff and on the chimney sides. During the Greek Civil War the Metaxists under Prince Philip and backed by the US and UK governments murdered 180,000 Greek "Communists" and set out to make the Greek islands uninhabitable with lead pollution from an estimated 3,000 tonnes of MG bullets they and adjacent water had been sprayed with during the murders of their populations. When Winston Churchill got back as UK Prime Minister in 1951 the Royal Navy sank all 61 of the "Royalist" Greek Navy's Attlee-supplied destroyers and finished off their crews in the water. The US and UK governments remain coy about the human cost of the 1944-51 Greek Civil War and are utterly silent about the pre-WW2 Metaxist genocide in Macedonia and Greece. 1946 - Murdered Piccadilly Boy Prostitutes: The source for this information is Winston Churchill and my uncle Colonel John Edward Hargreaves. Accompanied by his henchmen, Prince Philip had been in the habit of having sex with boy prostitutes in public toilets and neatly hanging up his jacket and trousers on and over the toilet stall doors. In 1946 Prince Philip with his henchmen cut the throats of a 10- and a 14-year old boy prostitute in the public toilets at Piccadilly, notorious central London, UK, centre for paedophile vice with boys, and hung up the bodies outside the toilets for infecting him yet again with syphilis. There was blood deliberately spread across the urinals and all the toilet stalls and the London police guarded the evidence until the Home Secretary told them to clean it up discreetly. UK Prime Minister Clement Attlee ordered his police to keep it out of the newspapers. Ends. 1947 - Philip Parades In London With Naked Child Prostitutes: The source for this information is Winston Churchill and my uncle Colonel John Edward Hargreaves. In 1947 Prince Philip was escorting young ladies and gentlemen around London. Young meaning about 11 or 12. Around London meaning up and down Berwick and Broadwick Streets in London's Soho and around Shepherds Market in London's Mayfair - traditional prostitutes' areas. They usually wore shoes, makeup and jewellery - and nothing else. Just doing what Greeks have been doing in Athens and Alexandria for millennia in similar areas. When criticised in Parliament, Prince Philip's response was to fire a pistol at his MP critic from the visitors' gallery, creasing his skull and seriously injuring another MP beyond him. The critical MP later died in a "car accident". Philip would probably have behaved similarly in Greece. "Why don't you mind your own fucking business!", he shouted. Ends. 1949 - Philip In The Parrot Cage: Source for this information - I witnessed it personally in company with my uncle Colonel John Edward Hargreaves and my parents. In 1949 Prince Philip, recently married to his fellow Greek mass-murderer Princess Elizabeth, now "Queen Elizabeth II" of the UK, was delivered by a French government plane to London Airport's cargo section in a parrot cage. Prince Philip was crouched naked in a 3' diameter parrot cage accompanied by the severed heads of one 4-year old girl and one 6-year old boy. Attached to the cage was a label saying "Not wanted in France" signed by Charles de Gaulle. The occasion of his eviction from a civilised country was the discovery of Prince Philip and five other persons in a Parisian "maison privée" (bordello) with the serially-raped and partially-dismembered bodies of said 4-year old girl and her 6-year old brother both Mafia kidnap victims from the south of France. What Prince Philip had done during the course of the rape of the children was to ram one of the points of a specially-sharpened pair of scissors into the boy's spine, severing it, and then to cut down on both sides of the boy's windpipe to sever the boy's head. Prince Philip then held the boy's severed head up facing him by both ears and grinned engagingly into the blinking eyes of the murdered child as he lost consciousness and Prince Philip ejaculated into the rectum of the child's body. There is a film of it. The French shot four of the other persons present "for the good of France". A young British woman companion of Prince Philip was deported with him and gave an explanation to the King - Winston Churchill - of her presence in Paris on what we would today call a murderous sex holiday, or a sex-murder holiday. She said she had been brought up to believe and everyone around her had been brought up to believe that society divided into two kinds of people "People like us" and "the little people" and you could have as much "fun" (rape and murder of their children) with the "little people" as you wanted. "In the present climate" as she put it, "one has to be circumspect". Hence raping and murdering foreign children in Paris in secret. Winston Churchill's reply was that he was responsible for his people to God and raping and murdering his people's children for fun was utterly unacceptable and very obviously so. Morality, he said, is not a matter of personal choice like the colour of one's shoes, it's a prerequisite for social living. Those who want society to survive subscribe to morality. Those who want the human race dead, don't. Approximately SEVEN THOUSAND PERSONS either were personal witnesses to the unloading of the plane and Winston Churchill's explanation of what had happened or heard about it from personal witnesses within 24 hours. UK Prime Minister Clement Attlee kept it out of the papers. Testimony from London: Source for this information - Vera Lynn: "Guess who was going off to Paris on a Quai d'Orsay show contract, on the French diplomatic passport given me by Charles de Gaulle, by return on the same Franco-German cargo plane contracted to the French Government as Prince Philip In The Parrot Cage was being unloaded from in 1949? You guessed it. I dropped into it by accident. There was Hugh Gaitskell with his police with their submachineguns, Lewis guns and two police armoured cars with set machine guns. And there was Winston with his troops demounting from the 2-tonners and fixing bayonets and setting up their machine guns. And there was Prince Philip stark naked in his parrot cage sitting on the severed head of a small boy with the severed head of a small girl between his ankles. My French is pretty good and the poilus on the plane were vociferous and disgusted. He stank of piss. Winston threatened to kill Gaitskell if the shipping of Prince Philip out to the Dragon in America, to Harry S Truman, was interfered with. Gaitskell consulted Clement Attlee on a police car's radio and said to Prince Philip "Don't hurry back, give us some time to clear this mess up." Prince Philip was back in 3 days with some tales of black boy prostitutes in New York but he hadn't enjoyed the hotel stay because of the stones being thrown at his hotel windows and the well-organised demonstrations. "Get this shit out of America!" seemed to be the favourite, I'm told, though there was strong competition from "Kill the child-murdering bastard!" ". Testimony from New York: Within minutes of Prince Philip's arrival in a New York hotel from his Parrot Cage at the airport, a howling mob had assembled screaming: "Child murderer!", "Prince Philip the Paedophile Murderer!" and "Hang the Philippine Pederast Murderer" (Philippi being an alternative name for Greece) and the situation and the 120 "Greek Colonel" bodyguards in the hotel became the butt of stand-up comedians who normally made an unsafe living making jokes about New York gangsters and ex-convict Harry S Truman's activities murdering people with a hammer when he felt like it. It's a bit difficult to maintain the enthusiasm to keep throwing rocks at windows and howling abuse in a New York winter, so to maintain the momentum of 200-300 people demonstrating 24 hours a day for 3 days against the presence of "Prince Philip Paedophile Murderer!" and "Paedophile Limey Prince Philip!" further deported in his Parrot Cage from France to London to the US, the local actors' guild office was contacted and as a result a very large number of "resting" actors in New York got involved in the 1949 demo against the serial paedophile murderer Prince Philip. Lots of them went on to become famous afterwards. Prince Philip spent most of the time either deriding the demonstrators on the phone or trying out the local boy prostitutes. Remember the demonstration was about his arrival deported in New York stark naked in a parrot cage with the severed heads of two children, one of whom he had murdered personally and the other in whose murder he was an accessory in the course of a child rape-and-murder party in Paris. Let's recall Ty Hardin's comments on a New York TV talkshow also featuring Joan Collins as another showbiz guest some time later: "I'm not a guy who believes things easily and though I appreciated the work being offered on the demonstration by Churchill's son - known as "the Colonel in the Black Hat" during his repartee with Tommy Handley in Whitehall's theatres in London - and Churchill's grandson, I checked the story out with a friend at the airport. It checked out. So what's happened to the kids' heads, I asked. The airport manager asked what was to be done with them and Prince Philip said to send them around to the hotel, he was taking them back to London as a souvenir. Outside in the street a cry goes up - a bellhop from the hotel says that the two severed childrens' heads had just been sent up to Prince Philip's room in the icebuckets they usually use for champagne. Within minutes forty guys on the demonstration are carrying in buckets of gasoline to torch the hotel with, hopping mad. Churchill's son calms things down eventually, says things are being handled and he doesn't want to burn New York down because of this shit. But that's why Prince Philip left New York after only three days holed up in the hotel after the Parrot Cage incident. It's only possible because Prince Philip's a leading member of the Green Dragon Society. The Knights of Columbus is the equivalent in the US. The talkshow host goes white like he usually does when someone refers on his show to the local Don as a steaming tower of shit, half the audience run out immediately blank-faced and the rest follow uncertainly. We go into the 'here's a message from our sponsor, folks' routine and the host tells me I've cost him a million bucks. It was five years before I was allowed on TV in the States again. I had to sign all kinds of guarantees and post a bond before they let me on a show. In the front row sat the guy from the Knights of Columbus and his eyes shone green as a raccoon's in the firelight. I have blue eyes and I smiled at him and twinkled them like stars." 1949 - Murder of Tommy Handley: Tommy Handley featured as "one of Winston Churchill's supporting cast" as he put it during WW2 and afterwards in the ITMA show and during the post-WW2 era appeared in Whitehall's theatres doing standup comedy with a strong supporting cast - the British Army, and frequently Winston Churchill, Sir, was present and the man who claimed descent from him "the Colonel in the Black Hat". Tommy Handley mocked Prince Philip and the Green Dragon Society to which the Labour Cabinet owed allegiance. After the Prince Philip in the Parrot Cage incident he went on stage with a stuffed parrot in a cage and the Service audience howled abuse. He went on with just the cage and said "The bird has flown!" and gagged on. He went on with a feather duster and said "This is all I can find. I think someone's shot Prince Philip. Does anyone mind?" and the audience howled. The Palace and Attlee's concupiscents hated it. Prince Philip hired an ex-policeman to get a job in the Whitehall theatre where Tommy Handley often appeared and he literally pointed out to one of Prince Philip's Greek thugs to whom Philip had loaned his personal Mauser "Mannerling" pistol the head of Tommy Handley who habitually donned a disguise when leaving the theatre so he could get home before 2am. Tommy Handley was shot in the back of the head on the Whitehall pavement on 9 January 1949 and a dirty coat put over his body. This from Vera Lynn: "Being a costermonger's daughter with a strong choice of language when it suits and adept with a cutting knife I persuaded the medical examiner to let me look at poor Tommy Handley's body which had had a dirty old coat put over it on the pavement and had been allowed to stand 3 days unrefrigerated in New Scotland Yard's morgue as 'the body of an unknown derelict'. "What's this bullet hole in the back of his skull", I asked. He denied it and I knocked him to the floor and took a slice out of poor Tommy's head with one of his saws and got the golden bullet out of it and took it round to Winston Churchill, Sir." 1949 - 31 Little Girls' Bodies Dumped Outside Buckingham Palace Mews: Winston Churchill said this: "In 1949, said Winston Churchill, when I was Leader of the Opposition to Clement Attlee's government, I raised the question of 31 decapitated bodies of young girls between the ages of 5 and 11 which had been found in that year dumped in litter bins directly outside the mews of Buckingham Palace on Buckingham Palace Road in London. Clement Attlee said that he had thought it had been 28, not 31, and he was entirely happy with the situation. He and his cabinet sat there with their eyes shining green as cats' - a fairly simple magical trick which the Dragon's concupiscents use as a rudimentary recognition signal between themselves and to intimidate the superstitious and those partly-informed about the Green Dragon Society. Bevan sat at the end of the row with a pistol-butt sticking out of his waistcoat and his eyes shining red - his loyalty to Joseph Stalin was well-known and his two Boilermakers' Union bodyguards lurked behind him and bulged in the appropriate pockets - and he commented that if the debate had taken place in the Duma Attlee's throat would have been out on the floor. That was the end of the discussion on the matter of 31 child murder victims dumped in litter bins in the course of 1949 outside the Buckingham Palace mews. Ernest Bevan was later reported to me as having said at a Labour Cabinet meeting attended by Attlee and Gaitskell that the US and UK governments were keeping the world submerged in a fog of lies so the concupiscents of the Dragon could recruit members to their cause with deceptive advanced theatrical effects and that in fact the chief activity of the Dragon on this world was the export from its space-navy base near Karachi of spools of gold wire for spaceship and weapons power units used in the War on Saturn. Clement Attlee reportedly said that any more comments of such a nature and Bevan would not be welcome at future Cabinet meetings. Bevan's riposte was that if he were barred he would ensure that the Russian government put out a formal denial that the British Labour Party's heavy exports of gold to the US were in fulfilment of the UK's guarantee that it would underwrite the payments due to the US for WW2 military exports to Russia in the event that the Russian government failed to honour them. I had an informant in the Great Metropolitan Police - a kind of mortuary policeman. He kept himself, and others, informed on what bodies had turned up where and in what condition - what you might call gossip among corpse-minders. He said the 31 children had been put down to Prince Philip's account and no further action was contemplated. He pointed out that some of the bodies had skin removed from them and some were minus livers and kidneys. They'd all been drained of blood. Their fingernails had all been removed. They'd been very clearly extensively genitally and anally abused. Some were gutted. He also pointed out that packets of little boys' genitals which had apparently been stored in ice had "accidentally" been opened in GPO sorting offices en route to Balmoral. No bodies of little boys had been turning up, but there were reports - not in the media of course - of other bodies of girl children being found around the country in similar condition. I got out my reference book on the subject of 'black magic' cults and turned to the Cult of Set aka Setephis aka Anakis aka Phoumenon aka the Serpent of Midrath aka the Green Dragon and read it to him. About 3,000 years ago something came to this world from beyond the Universe, from outside our God, with the intention of destroying our God. It came initially on this world to an area of Egypt to the east of the Nile and just within the southern border called Midrath and it built an underground temple (a fane) a mile under the earth and set about establishing itself as a power in the world by corrupting and directly taking over individuals. About the year we now call "434 AD" the Cult of Setephis the Winged Serpent took over the Roman Empire and created the Christian religion as a cover for its activities and to destroy its opponents. The Roman Catholic Church has been with us ever since as the overt secret agency of the Cult of Setephis. The fanes of Setephis are underground, shaped like a bisected egg laid on its side - roughly a stretched hemisphere. They vary internally but are gold-lined and feature at their broad end a representation of Setephis - like an asp with two somewhat batlike wings set about 2/3 of the way to its tail and the tongue not forked but with the appearance of a hole in the end of it and with small teeth and vertically-pupilled eyes. I said to my policeman agent that the whole point of this child sexual and physical abuse is to demonstrate the LOYALTY of the concupiscents of the Dragon to its aim of murdering what is in fact our relatively newborn God." When in 1949 Prince Philip was having the mutilated bodies of 31 raped and murdered children dumped in the litter bin outside Buckingham Palace mews, curiously enough he was being social - by his standards. Literally throwing his rubbish in the appropriate receptacle. He couldn't see what he was doing wrong, socially. How do you get to that state of mind? When my uncle returned during WW2 to England for a military conference he told me he used to look in the ditches by the sides of the roads and ask himself "What have they done with the bodies?" In Greece during the Metaxist era and the Greek involvement in WW2 and the subsequent Greek Civil War, if you wanted to use the roads conveniently you dumped the human bodies in the roadside ditches. Ends. 1950 - Murder Of A 15-year old Sailor: On a Royal Naval Fleet Auxiliary vessel Prince Philip and two henchmen murdered a 15-year old sailor in a sexual confrontation by cutting his throat and dumped his body in the scuppers outside Prince Philip's cabin. While Prince Philip was having dinner with the captain the sailor's comrades interviewed the two henchmen vigorously and subsequently beat them to death with chains and dumped them overboard. Prince Philip was the actual throat-cutter and was being backed down the ship's deck with his straight-razor in one hand and his pocket pistol in the other by 30 matelots advancing with chains in their hands and justice on their minds when a helicopter sent by the Royal Yacht Britannia picked Prince Philip up off the deck. He was in such a hurry that he dived in through the side window and the helicopter took off with his legs dangling outside. The saviour of Prince Philip on that occasion was "Queen May of Endor" aka Queen Mary aka Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, noted for her clairvoyance. A few years later there was a second attempt on the life of Prince Philip on the helicopter deck of the Ark Royal with a tail rotor. Philip appears to have been forewarned of the attempt and deliberately dragged back a friend of Princess Margaret and a friend of that friend to their deaths while "escaping" from the assassination attempt. Again the scrying of "Queen May of Endor" - it's a reference to the Biblical "Witch of Endor" and thus also refers to Balmoral - got Philip off the hook of justice. 1952 - Prince Philip Versus The BBC: The friends of Tommy Handley didn't forget the way he'd been murdered nor why and Winston Churchill had to keep the lid on things for strategic reasons. Nevertheless when Prince Philip had the BBC studios in London's Shepherds Bush burnt down because of the "off-script" quips being made that implied his war crimes, paedophile murders and membership of the Green Dragon Society "Stinker" Murdoch (catch phrase "What a stinker!") and his "Much Binding In The Marsh" team continued to put the boot in on live BBC radio. A lot of famous names got involved. There was a series of programmes featuring Stinker Murdoch as "Mr Philips" and Terry Wogan as the Announcer, and Jimmy Young as the newsagent serially selling the arsonist boxes of matches and bottles of lighter fluid. BBC News Announcer Peregrine Worsthorne had a news announcement put in front of him by "the Colonel in the Black Hat" and read out a rather delayed news account - since Winston Churchill had only got back into power in October of 1951 - of the Prince Philip In The Parrot Cage affair. In response there were three attempts by Prince Philip to murder Peregrine Worsthorne with the assistance of his staff of Greek straight-razor experts by cutting his throat, a method of murder much favoured by the parsimonious General Metaxas, who was also a keen arsonist. The first would-be assassin, a policeman, was found with his throat cut on the steps of Scotland Yard. The second would-be assassin was also a Chelsea Pensioner strangler. Chelsea Pensioners in their cups were wont to expound loudly on the bogus "House of Windsor" and to describe "George V" as "George the Murderer" - you'll note that the UK's red postboxes never have "GR" on them for "George Rex" they just have "G"? That's because "George The Murderer" doesn't fit too well on them. Toasting Winston Churchill with "The King!" was also popular. A denunciatory Chelsea Pensioner was towed out of the dining hall by a henchman of Prince Philip organised for the purpose and strangled in a side room. The henchman was found with his throat cut on the Chelsea Pensioners Barracks steps. The third would-be assassin was eventually found with his throat cut by the smell from his decomposing body which had been hung in a sack made of two Union Jacks sewn together back-to-back hanging from the BBC Broadcasting House flagstaff. Prince Philip And EOKA In Cyprus: The Daily Express of 18 February 1953 reported Greek Orthodox Church Archbishop Makarios III of Cyprus calling for "Enosis" - Union of Cyprus with Greece. The terrorism on the island began with the March 1953 murder of three British Army gunner-sergeants equipped with telescopically-sighted Lee-Enfield rifles and field glasses who were shot in the back with one long burst from an MG42 machine gun in the Troodos Mountains. It was put down officially as "a hunting accident" but it was in fact the result of the High Treason of Prince Philip commissioning the murder of the troops of his own adopted country. We have only the local priests as an authority to tell us that Archbishop Makarios and George Grivas were born on Cyprus - it's improbable and the Greek records were habitually gutted. It's alleged that Makarios was a member of the extended Metaxas clan and owed his clerical position to sequential murders of obstructions in his path. We know that through MI5 and MI6 renegades Prince Philip was directing the actions of British troops, issuing obfuscatory cover stories for ignoring the usual military tactics and allowing the terrorism to continue "for strategic reasons which will become clear later". About 7 arms shipments from the Royal Yacht Britannia were unaccounted for and they formed the ordnance basis of the Metaxist attempt to institute a wholly-Greek rule on Cyprus. At one time Makarios, Grivas and Sampson were each running their own protection racket on Cyprus on the same territory. Makarios and Grivas were both members of the extended Metaxas family. Calls For DNA Testing The Monarchy: Very many royal biographies very widely available in British public libraries repeat rumours of fifty years of the homosexual and heterosexual affairs of Prince Philip, including his production of a number of natural children. Also reiterated in these royal biographies are suggestions that Elizabeth II's second and third sons Princes Andrew and Edward were fathered by courtiers rather than by Prince Philip. has produced a file calling for DNA testing of those of Elizabeth's children in receipt of public money as a result of their assertedly being the offspring of Elizabeth and Philip. REPUBLIC which campaigns for a republican government in the UK has also called in The Guardian for such DNA testing. Prince Andrew is in receipt of 249,000 Pounds Sterling annually from public funds. There is also the matter of persons of disputed parentage being in line of succession for the throne. It has also been alleged that Prince Philip was partially-castrated by Adolf Hitler in person for leading the atrocity against 150 17-year old German troops in which Hitler's neice was raped and bayonetted to death, so there is also uncertainty about the paternity of Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Lord Louis Mountbatten's name is bandied about in this connection. We also have the rumoured three illegitimate children of Princess Margaret to consider. Were the genetic lack of connection between George V and George VI to be scientifically demonstrated, then the line of natural children of Edward VII which runs through the descendants of Winston Churchill would be first in line for the British throne. The King's Party, the party of the concupiscents of Britain's King Edward VII, was refounded on 26 April 2002 with this letter. Death of Princess Diana, 31 August 1997 - Diana, Princess of Wales, her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul were killed in a high-speed crash when their car struck a pillar in the underpass at the Pont de l'Alma in Paris. The couple's bodyguard was seriously injured in the crash but survived. Mohammed Al Fayed, father of Dodi Al Fayed and part-owner of Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, London, was reported in The Independent newspaper of Tuesday 23 November 1999 as saying that Prince Philip had masterminded the deaths because he had German blood and Nazi views. He challenged Prince Philip to sue him over his allegations. There are rumours that Prince Philip was looking in London for a hired killer to murder Princess Diana for 'winding up' Elizabeth and Philip by associating with Dodi Al Fayed. At the time of her funeral streets all over London were deserted for hours. © Home