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The Dharma

Secret American History The source of these assertions is my uncle Major John Edward "Jock" Hargreaves DSO formerly of the British Army and Irgun and Colonel Charlie Nonte, formerly of the US intelligence and Texas Rangers. The Dragon Arrives on Earth - About 3,000 years ago Earth became a subject of interest to a destructive alien invader of our Universe. It set up a cult around itself in Ancient Egypt as Setephis, the Winged Serpent. It has also been known as Set, Phoumenon, Anakis, the Demon, the Serpent of Midrath, the Green Dragon and the Dragon. About "434 AD" the Dragon moved the centre of its operations to Rome and took over the heart of the Roman Empire. That year it created a new religion - Christianity - about the person of Rome's foulest abuser of women, its torturer and executioner in Medina, second city to Antioch in the eastern Mediterranean, Moab "Jesus" (it means 'the Gardener') Iscariotes. The Christian religion as founded - the Roman Catholic Church as we now know it - was a hierarchical organisation whose adherents owned obedience and allegiance to the head of the Church, not directly to God. Various Protestant modifications of Christianity have modified that position and they generally object to the Catholic Church's requirement of total obedience to the head of the Church. The original Christianity was enforced upon the people of the Roman Empire with the sword and previous religions which had been centred around direct personal knowledge of the individual's unity with God were suppressed. These religions generally come under the heading of "Wicca", meaning Wisdom, and the basic tenets of Wicca derive from humankind's original home among the stars. Greek, Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman Trade - Since about 1,000 BC there have been sea trade links between Europe and America. One of the major consequences of this trade was the incursion of human genes from north-west Europe into the native American population in the north-east of North America. The ease of making the journey depends on a knowledge of seasonal winds and currents but the idea that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 is garbage. The US government is propped up by a number of carefully-polished myths about the "opening up" of the Americas - which in fact was the genocide of the original inhabitants and the theft of their land. Native American Genocide - Between 1415 and 1550 over 1.26 billion Native Americans were deliberately murdered by the Dragon's forces invading from Spain and Portugal. Approximately 270 million of them were the Nazca people living on the islands and shores of the Caribbean and the southern parts of North America and the northern shores of South America. Most of the 1.26 billion were murdered by the deliberate disruption of millennia-old agricultural irrigation arrangements. Many of them were murdered by military action by the "conquistadors". The US government does not support archaeological investigation of this genocide, the evidence of much of which is buried under the Amazon rainforest complete with the detritus of fission explosions and the scars of ray-gun discharges. In the southern States of the US lie extensive boneyards whose extent is carefully ignored by US academics and circumscribed by the US government as artillery/bombing ranges. The USA is a nation founded on genocide the purpose of which was the securing of a continental base for the Dragon's operations against the human population of Earth. After the Native American cultures had been destroyed they were replaced by socially-divided European immigrants and the present corrupt and lie-based culture instituted. The current population within the borders of the USA is less than HALF what it was before 1415. Presently the US government supports criminal right-wing regimes in Central and South America and all over the world as part of its control policy. The majority of the damage being done by these CIA-supported gangster regimes in the Americas is being done to Native Americans. The US government continues to spread diseases and to deny medical treatment. Abraham Lincoln was officially assassinated by the Confederacy. This remains unadmitted by the US government as do the majority of the facts of the Civil War. John Moses Browning famed American gun designer was 15/16ths native American and the youngest son of CSA President Jefferson Davis. His claiming European ancestry was a part of what was called the Great Masquerade, under which native Americans claimed European ancestry and adopted European culture while maintaining their original allegiances. What am I? he asked. I'm from Utah, what do you think that makes me? The answer being - a Ute. "George" Savage famed American gunmaker was 100% native American and more forthcoming about his facially-obvious ancestry, hence his adopted surname. He also had a pronounced widow's peak which is reputed to be the inspiration for the hair style of "Doc Savage". Genocidal activities by the US government against its internal racial minorities have been engaged in from the earliest times. Despite this, the native "Indian" culture remains intact though hidden. These genocidal activities continue today - engaging the Hispanic and African racial minorities in prostitution and drug dealing is the policy of the US government with the intention of degrading them internally and in the eyes of their fellow-citizens. The "China Meat Trade" has been running since humans colonised North America. It comprised kidnapping people into sexual slavery in China and kidnapping people for the sale of their flesh in China and has declined but not stopped entirely today. At least half of the traditional ingredients for Chinese medicine are of human origin. It first emerged into the US government's awareness in the 1870's when the German government noted as a result of its tight documentary controls over its citizens that children and young women were being kidnapped from areas of north Germany near ports. Suspicion fell on Chinese traders and the German Navy raided a number of suspect ships and discovered kidnapped German children and women on board in built-in compartments. A number of lessons were learned by the German government about reincarnation, fly-scrying and magic which they conveyed to their fellow European governments with varying results. The total of persons kidnapped to China from the British Empire is estimated at 300,000 for example. The British government has always been reluctant to spend money on the documentary control of its domestic citizens. In the US in the 1870's the business of franchising brothels was regarded as a simple extension of the franchising of other types of business. Sears Roebuck supplied pre-cut wooden building kits for various uses and brothels were one of them. An innovator in the field of brothel franchising was "Professor" Webster L Franckensen who started off as a brothel proprietor in Chicago and developed the business of franchised children's homes over the next sixty years. General Macarthur came from Franckensen's headquarters children's home in Pasadena. He was well-favoured and was adopted by good parents - for a bounty. Less well-favoured children from the same home ended up in Chinese brothels and as meat on Chinese tables. Edgar J Hoover was castrated in a male brothel by members of a triad run by a man who he had called "a yellow-skinned gangster and a disgrace to his nation" a short time before he became FBI Director. It became a requirement of FBI recruitment that an agent would be willing to unofficially execute gangsters. Lessons were learned about reincarnation, fly-scrying and magic when dealing with Chinese triads. Over Hoover's career, the FBI killed over 14,000 Chinese triad members and broke their souls. America's currency had been grossly inflated by the incompetence of the policies of President Calvin Coolidge, which had led to the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the Depression of the early 1930's. The spread of the US depression to Europe was a major factor in getting Hitler into power in Germany. General Claire Chennault ran Chiang Kai-shek's airforce and secretly reported to US intelligence about the presence of kidnapped American women and children in brothels all over China. Chennault also reported Chiang Kai-shek's cannibalism, which was traditional in China, among those rich enough, on the grounds that children were easier to digest. Chennault had twin daughters with Madame Chiang's sister, Soong Ch'ing-ling. Their daughters were kept hostage all their lives by Chiang and died early on Taiwan of opium addiction. Chen Yi, Kuomintang warlord and later infamous as the Kuomintang governor of Taiwan in 1945, in 1939 made a blackmail film of Chiang Kai-shek, Madame Chiang and others eating a cannibal feast of a roasted blonde American girl-child and commenting how upset the Americans would be if they knew about it. Soong Ch'ing-ling, Madame Chiang's sister, was filmed talking to a group of several American children kept in a cage behind the house, waiting like chickens to be eaten. They identified themselves and the US orphanage which had sold them. America's 'Neutrality' at the start of WW2 basically meant they were selling war materials to both sides - for gold or hard currency. During WW2 Russia paid out first over 1,000 tons of gold to the US for war materials, then all of Russia's silver, then they made promises of delivery of specialised metals like nickel, chromium etc which were eventually paid off completely ten years after WW2 ended. The US continued to supply the Germans through proxies even after their declaration of war upon them after Pearl Harbor. The US lend-lease system to supply aid to Britain permitted a takeover of hegemony from the British Empire around the world through the acquisition of military bases. [Jock Hargreaves]: In 1939/40 various Jewish friends of mine in New York contacted me through my father, saying the US government was developing a new kind of armour-piercing bomb, testing it in a stripped-out lift-shaft in the Empire State Building. In the early hours of the night there would be a tremendous thump, then all the buildings would shake for five minutes - the testing was setting off minor earthquakes. The trans-Atlantic phone lines were tapped. Roosevelt was furious - at being found out designing and supplying bombs to Germany through Russia whose principal use was against British and French warships. Churchill was furious - "That bastard", he said, "and after we'd underwritten his re-election with money from the Ministry of Defence slush fund. I had a hell of a time keeping that from Chamberlain with the help of my 'friends' at the Admiralty". The Germans were furious. The Russians were furious. The US government moved the testing to Fort Detrick and dropped the bomb from an anchored balloon. Sweden's 'neutrality' was of a different character. There was a lot of German money in Sweden, but the Swedish government was still running the country. Following the Norwegian Campaign in which 30% of Norway's men of military age who actually fought were killed, the Swedes were given the ultimatum by the Germans of being invaded or supplying war materials as a 'neutral' country. They chose 'neutrality'. Churchill gave the Swedish Ambassador an ultimatum - "'Neutrality' means you supply the same materials to both sides. The alternative is a British naval blockade of Sweden." The Ambassador grimly accepted or Swedes would have been eating grass in six months. Switzerland's 'neutrality' was only very approximately the same as Sweden's. Switzerland's arms firms had a lot of German money in them and most of the country's German-speakers supported the Third Reich. There was no question of Switzerland being invaded by the Germans because its neutrality had to be maintained to maintain the Swiss banking system which was being used by Germans as a refuge for their money in case the war was lost. Nevertheless, some armaments were supplied by Switzerland to the British. America's entry into WW2 was promoted by Roosevelt by attacking American shipping with US submarines (disguised as German submarines) from Guantanamo naval base on Cuba, but the German-American Bund organisations prevented this provocation being accepted by Congress as genuine. Roosevelt next provoked the Japanese with an oil embargo and tempted them by closing down the radar stations on Hawaii, producing the raid on Pearl Harbor in late 1941 which precipitated America's entry into WW2 against both the Japanese and the Germans. Kidnapped daughters - Roosevelt's son was castrated in a San Francisco street by two Chinese triad members. A policeman shot one dead and was killed by the other with a knife thrown at short range. The second Chinese was run down by a US Navy sailor and bystanders and castrated and killed with his own knife by the sailor. The incident was initially publicised but later hushed up. Roosevelt's son killed himself after taunts from fellow schoolchildren. Roosevelt's two daughters were kidnapped. General Stilwell's daughter was kidnapped. Admiral Chester W Nimitz's daughter was kidnapped. Four other senior Americans' female relatives were kidnapped. All these were moved to China via Professor Webster L Franckensen's organisation. The people whose relatives were kidnapped received photographs and movies of their sexual abuse every fortnight. General Stilwell's daughter was kidnapped at the behest of Chiang Kai-shek to torment Stilwell. She was eventually freed when Roosevelt became aware of who had had her kidnapped. Roosevelt threatened not to pay Chiang another cent unless she was released. Chiang released her and she killed herself shortly after the death of her father. Stilwell had been poisoned by Madame Chiang Kai-shek and died of the resulting stomach and liver cancer. Admiral Chester W Nimitz's daughter was kidnapped at the behest of the Japanese Kempeitai. When the American fleet was moving towards the Sea of Japan to pre-empt a possible Russian invasion of Japan Nimitz's officers offered to go slow and ascribe it to the weather conditions in order to allow Russia to invade but Nimitz refused their offer, saying "I would not like what has happened to my innocent daughter to happen to the innocent women of Japan". Nimitz found his daughter mutilated and crucified in the courtyard of a brothel in a small town near a Japanese naval base and Colonel Charles Nonte Enlightened him there. Nimitz told of his long correspondence with Stilwell over their kidnapped daughters in his autobiography "My Life", which the US government suppressed. President Roosevelt's daughters were mercy-killed by a US sergeant when they were found among 200 American 'comfort women' on Okinawa (see below). Roosevelt personally killed Professor Webster L Franckensen by shooting him in both hips and shoulders and stabbing him through the eye with a spirit-knife to break his soul - on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington. Germans in Moscow. Kriegsfuehrer Martin Heyer led his men into Moscow but they had to retreat again as a result of the sabotage of their supplies by a German officer who had been bribed by America. This was in imitation of the German-fostered treason of a British supplies General during the BEF campaign in Northern France which left the BEF short of ammunition, shells, petrol and rations. The record was 14 tonnes of 7.92mm ammunition (plus 3 or 4 barrels worn out) used by ONE MG42 in ONE day on the Eastern Front. There is no reason to believe any of this ammunition was wasted. Before Martin Heyer left Moscow he and his men removed that part of Russia's gold reserves stored in the city. The Russians then lied about how far the Germans had got into Russia. Fort Knox which was the US federal gold reserve with the greatest amount of turnover of stock was looted of its main stock of gold by a German infiltration operation by the end of 1942 according to an examination of the dust on the depository's storage area floor. For the rest of the war American gold was shipped from and returned to the US to pay for the war materials America was supplying to the Germans. Roosevelt kept the robbery secret. With America's continued possession of the other federal deposits of gold, the general shift from gold as the basis for confidence in a nation's paper currency and the fact that nobody knew about the robbery, the American government weathered the crisis relatively tranquilly. America's Coral Sea victories were to some extent bought by bribes to the Japanese commanders. The Japanese had a habit of invading a Pacific island, enslaving the male natives to make tunnels and using the female natives as 'comfort women'. They died like flies. America's Pacific island-hopping campaign of surrounding Japanese-held islands, sinking their ships and then demanding 'dishonourable' surrender was protested about by the German Ambassador to Washington on behalf of the Japanese, but Roosevelt required a series of dramatic victories to present to the American public. The island-hopping campaign was viewed as a series of atrocities in Japan. The Japanese were rational in military matters and would under pressure have withdrawn their troops. America's announced casualties for the campaign were lied about. The usual US way of counting the Japanese dead was by counting Japanese steel helmets - only the Japanese know how many of their soldiers died in the campaign. On Kwajalein General Macarthur was greeted with a Japanese Kempeitai provocation - eleven children had been butchered and nailed to trees on the beach. Macarthur recognised them from recent visits to the Pasadena children's home and said "I was four years in that damned orphanage. They were like my brothers and sisters. Let the Japanese people know my wrath." Because of the presence of 16,000 Japanese women and children on Kwajalein, concentrated for shipment back to Japan, Emperor Hirohito ordered the surrender of the Japanese garrison. Macarthur refused to accept the surrender and massacred the garrison and the women and children. The Kepeitai made 16mm films of the massacre and departed the island by submarine at night. The US has since that time attempted to keep the island in their own hands by various means. The other five children of the 16 kidnapped from the Pasadena children's home on the same night were found beaten to death on the beach on an island in the Andaman group in the Indian Ocean. The Japanese Kempeitai had held a meeting with Indian nationalist leaders on that island, got them drunk and represented the five American children as British and filmed them being beaten to death. The embarassing film included Ghandi's actions. After WW2 the US government gave a copy of this film to the British government, which assisted the British to apply pressure to the Indian nationalists during independence negotiations. On Okinawa the Japanese women who threw themselves off the cliffs did so because of the reputation of the US troops for raping Japanese nurses. US President Roosevelt was visited by a deputation from all of America's churches to put a stop to raping by US troops in the Pacific campaign. 200 American women were discovered on Okinawa being used as 'comfort women'. Half of them had had their arms cut off at the elbows as a punishment for indiscipline. Some of them, including both of Roosevelt's daughters, had had their arms cut off just below the shoulder for repeated indiscipline. The American woman 'capo' had drugged the women with laudanum (opium dissolved in alcohol) to protect them from further traumatisation, but the symptoms of this were not recognised by the midwest US troops who were first on the scene. Mutilated, dull-eyed, drooling women with shit round their mouths filled the room. Japanese troops who had been told they were all going to die for the Emperor had been abusing the women by shitting in their mouths - a Japanese preoccupation also on Singapore. The American sergeant who was in charge of the troops (described as 'an Arkansas farmboy') ordered the American woman 'capo' taken out and executed and ordered his men to mercy-kill all the American 'comfort women' as being 'insane and in need of merciful release into the hand of God'. Roosevelt had the sergeant ordered to Washington to explain to him personally what he had done and why but accepted his sincerity. The American sergeant later married the 'capo'. 'Animastoses' were found on Okinawa - humans experimentally surgically altered by Japanese surgeons by the addition of body parts from other people. Blood vessels had been connected but tissue-rejection was taking place and the victims were on constant doses of antibiotics. Japanese brothels - American women were found in brothels all over Japan after its surrender. Also the remains of American children found in Japan were identified by their dental work. They were tracked to US childrens' homes where they had supposedly 'died in epidemics of childhood diseases'. Bags of sand were found in their coffins. US Atrocity photographs and movies were gathered in by the US government which offered bounties for them. They also offered bounties for information on who had such photographs and movies. The US government also fed troops who had been involved in atrocities - like those on Kwajalein - back into high-casualty military actions to kill off witnesses. They then conducted murder campaigns against the last of the survivors. US Firestorm raids on Japan were carried out by experienced US airforce units 'complete to the last rivet' transferred at the end of 1943 from Britain after they had learned how on their raids over Germany. The night-time firestorm raid on Tokyo, using napalm incendiary bombs in place of the magnesium incendiaries that had been used on Germany and a radio beam-controlled circular pattern of bombing rather than the carpet style used on Germany, came as a surprise to the Japanese. There were over 60 firestorm raids on Japan. The official secret US estimate of Japanese firestorm casualties is 5.5 million. The Japanese official secret estimate is 12.25 million. Emperor Hirohito blamed Japanese plane makers for their inability to produce enough planes of sufficient capacity to defend Japan. After the war the Japanese discovered that Japanese plane makers had taken US bribes not to produce those planes. 400 Japanese war criminals were executed and their souls broken on Johnson Island in the Aleutians. It became known in Japan as 'death-of-souls-island'. 4,000 Kempeitai were castrated by the Americans. Emperor Hirohito was gang-raped by 8 US sailors as an official object lesson. The Korean magician who had assisted the US to locate Japanese war criminals was then treacherously killed by the US. They thought. German Werewolf raids in 1945/46 by Hitler Youth were countered in the Soviet Zone by a rape campaign by the Red Army. 'Either the war is over or it is not' they said. In West Germany General Eisenhower authorised five-man US Army rape-squads which publicly raped women of approximately the age of the Werewolves' mothers in pavement cafes and in restaurants. Savage fights with German civilians resulted. The American rape campaign ended after 23 people were killed in a fight caused by one of these public rapes. Kriegsfuehrer Martin Heyer appeared from nowhere and tore the five-man American rape squad limb from limb, literally. Eisenhower had an abusive attitude towards women generally. Two of his brothers were convicted of rape. It was said that when he was US President no woman who rejected his sexual advances was employed beyond the end of the day. Harry S Truman - succeeded Roosevelt after his courageous death with a heavy ray gun in one hand and a golden sword in the other on the Capitol steps fighting the Dragon's concupiscents in Congress. Harry had an interesting history as a fake human being from the age of 23 including six years in Leavenworth for a massive federal securities fraud, during which time he rode out occasionally to destroy his enemies in the underworld in the course of taking over organised crime in the USA. On this secure base and monstrously rich and powerful, he bought the State parole board, moved into Congress and in the course of time took over the Presidency having killed his predecessor in office. Harry had a number of nicknames - "T-Bone" came from a party where he absent-mindedly ate a still-burning T-bone steak he took direct from the barbecue grill. His mouth was healed the next day and he described the incident as "an oversight". "Joe Hammer" was another of his nicknames. The Joe referred to his reputation as an ex-con. The Hammer bit related to his murder of two Californian union organisers, one part-Indian, the other part-black, with a 2lb hammer in a Congressional hearing. He explained this and 24 similar hammer-murders of mostly elderly female black civil servants - and other murders - as due to "war exigencies", the wars being WW2 and the Cold War. "Harry S-for-shit Truman" was another of his nicknames. Clement Attlee - In the UK Harry's opposite number in the militarily-potent "Greatest Empire The World Has Ever Known" was Prime Minister Clement Attlee who took over from press baron Lord Northcliffe as head of the Green Dragon Society in Europe upon Northcliffe's execution with David Lloyd George in December 1918 by Winston Churchill and the British Army. Supporters of the Dragon come in two flavours - "appellates", those formally "spoken well of" in the fanes of the Dragon and "cognates", those very few direct extensions of the Dragon in whom the soul of an appellate has been consumed and direction of the body is by a worm-like creature usually in its larger sizes strapped to the inside of the individual's spine and culminating in controlling fronds implanted in the body's brain. Harry S Truman, Clement Attlee and a few of their cabinets were "cognates". "Cognates" were partly distinguished in those years by their BO which according to Einstein derived from damage to normal human tissues caused by contact with a protective coating on the alien worm, whose atoms were distinctly different from normal ones on Earth. Averell Harriman was a "cognate", and ran liaison between Attlee and Truman. He was born Roskoi Harvestii in Finland, became Rosko Harvester and a Mob lieutenant and slaughterman in Oklahoma City, carrying out a massacre of 32 Russian Orthodox nuns outside that city when they refused to sell their real estate. As a result of the action of Russian government agencies Harvester was convicted of the crime, certified insane and officially released a couple of years later with his new name. The Alien Embassy in 1946 - an embassy from our fellow residents of the Solar System visited Washington in twenty golden spaceships one of which landed on the White House lawn. A decapod - a ten-legged arachnid in military glitter armour - came down the ramp and was destroyed by artillery fire directed by Harry S Truman in person. It turned out to have been, thoughtfully, an android. The White House sustained some damage in the course of the firing and in Truman's time spent rather a lot of time "under renovation". Truman then attempted to wipe out the witnessing native population of Washington but not having arranged his troop supply with enough forethought the population were chased out of Washington's inner suburbs instead and their homes dynamited as "redevelopment". Within a year a Congressman could stand up in Congress and say publicly that he had personally witnessed subsequent ambassadorial visits by spaceship by a similar decapod who was exchanging salutes and badinage with the White House sentries. 1946 Seattle Conference Showdown - After the forced relocation of the League of Nations Headquarters to New York by forgery, murder and force of arms by General Patton for the US government, the United Nations Organisation replaced the League of Nations. Albert Einstein proposed the post-war settlement conference should take place under UN aegis. Stalin refused Calgary as a venue but accepted Seattle which he came to in a flotilla of six nuclear-powered and H-bomb missile-armed submarines. US President Harry S Truman was there and was described by Joseph Stalin as "an alien worm wearing a human being like an overcoat". Harry S Truman stood up, the alien worm projected from his mouth and it ran the body through his characteristic behaviours and speech patterns, horrifying everybody present except the Dragon's concupiscents ie - the majority of the US party present. One thing very rapidly led to another and ray guns were produced and extensively used, effectively wrecking the conference venue. Albert Einstein's contribution to the fracas was to turn up the air extraction system to maximum to reduce discharge pollution casualties to a minimum. About 2/3 of those present died then or later of radiation poisoning. Truman was destroyed in the exchange of fire. Stalin left carefully but four of his six submarines were destroyed on the way back to Russia with nuclear booby-traps. Truman reappeared in Washington and said that "a dummy, a simulacrum of unknown origin" had been in Seattle in his place. Certainly he had been seen - or a Harry S Truman body had been seen - in Washington by a number of prominent people while he was supposed to be in Seattle as an observer at the conference. Albert Einstein contributed some memorable quotes post-WW2. He described the US media as "like the Musicians' Union - they could care less what they play so long as they get paid". Einstein also said "You will recall the archetypal joke about British insularity - there's a newsvendor's placard reading "Fog in Channel, Continent Isolated". Well, here's another one for US academics who 'refuse to see' spaceships in transit between our solar system's planets, fusion explosions of military origin in our solar system and the seasonal bloom of chlorophyll on solar system planets - "Fog In Earth Orbit, Universe Isolated". He condemned it as treason to the human race. Fifty years after his death, Albert Einstein's political views and comments on the contemporary US political scene and his book "The True History of the World" all remain BANNED by the US government. Showdown With Einstein - in 1947 Einstein in a war conference repeated the accusation made by Joseph Stalin that Truman was an alien worm directing a human body from within. Following some exchanges about previous revelatory incidents the majority of the army officers present pulled their service sidearms on Truman, following Eisenhower's lead. The incident eventually blew over reluctantly following the malfunction of a portable X-ray machine brought into the room to settle the argument. Eisenhower's position as SACEUR - Supreme Allied Commander Europe - was unassailable since Truman stood in bad odour as a semi-rehabilitated crook in the public's eyes, rumours about the alien accusation and the alien ambassadorial visitors were rife, the skies were full of flying saucers, Eisenhower's political ambitions were known and he had the personal loyalty of his officers and direct personal command of half of America's nuclear forces. The incident sealed Albert Einstein's doom, however. He reluctantly concluded he had outstayed his welcome in Washington and eventually relocated as a "mountain man" in the Appalachians where in 1953 he was eventually assassinated in the company of good war comrades on the fourteenth official US government attempt and a stand-in replaced him until his putative death. The Washington Monument - originated as a twin gatepost to the Temple of Setephis in ancient Memphis. Its partner "Cleopatra's Needle" stands, broken at Portsmouth in transit and repaired, reinforced with a steel bar and set in concrete on the Embankment in London, UK. The partner gatepost was transported to Washington DC and once stood by the Capitol steps but was shattered in the course of time and replaced with a series of stone-built steel-reinforced monuments of increasing size in a number of locations. This symbol of power of the US government was torn from the ground on one occasion known as "The Arrow of God Incident" and smashed inverted onto Truman's body as he sat at his desk in the White House. On a second occasion known as "The Churchill's Cigar Butt Incident" the monument was smashed butt-first through the Capitol dome onto another Truman body. The concealing of the incidents is one of the more convincing triumphs of the bought-and-paid-for US media. In the course of time the Eisenhower faction prevailed and Truman's final six months in office were spent as a virtual prisoner in the White House. Nuclear Trio - in 1952 Taiwan, South Africa and Israel - all client states of the USA - were got together by the CIA to co-operate to develop their own nuclear weapon production facilities. Israel contributed technical information from the Nazi a-bomb production project (Projekt Dekatur, headed by Otto Hahn) which it had obtained from the Jewish Austrian engineer who had been forced to co-operate with the Germans but who was removed from the Third Reich with his family and forty ready-to-drop atomic bombs by then-Colonel "Jock" Hargreaves and forty of his men masquerading as Waffen SS. In 1952 the three atomic bombs which had been left with Israel by Major "Jock" Hargreaves DSO to guarantee its security were repossessed by the German who had commissioned Germany's atomic bomb project (Kriegsfuehrer Martin Heyer), leaving Israel minus the pleasant warm feeling of security enjoyed by nuclear bomb owners. South Africa supplied the uranium. All three countries put money into the project. It cost Chiang Kai-shek of Taiwan two of the fourteen tonnes of gold he had removed to Taiwan from China. By 1953 all three nations had production facilities for their own nuclear weapons, of the U235 gun-type that the Germans had produced during WW2. In September of 1953, Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the Kuomintang on Taiwan, detonated one of his new atomic bombs - estimated yield equivalent to 15 Kilotons of TNT - on the Taiwanese island of Matsu. The wind was blowing towards China and in time approximately 130,000 Chinese died of the fallout, because the bomb was detonated only 2m (6') from the ground. Matsu suffered extensive damage. As the bright atomic mushroom cloud rose into the midnight sky, Taiwan gave China an ultimatum - a week to surrender to KMT control. The plot had the full knowledge, assistance and support of the CIA and the US government. Within four days the People's Republic of China detonated a hydrogen fusion bomb of 2 Megatons yield on the Pacific island of Kwajalein, site of the US' unadmitted atrocity of WW2 when 16,000 Japanese women and children were massacred on the orders of General Macarthur after the Emperor-ordered surrender of the Japanese garrison had been refused. Detonated on a 65m (200') tower and of a simple fission-fusion type, not U238-clad, the relatively clean explosion caused about one-third of Kwajalein to sink into the sea. China acquired ten of the 40 original German atomic bombs that Colonel "Jock" Hargreaves had removed from the Germans in 1944. Four of the bombs were converted to hydrogen fusion bombs. One of the hydrogen fusion bombs was detonated on Kwajalein. China's hydrogen bomb demonstration on Kwajalein was witnessed by the crew of a US Navy ship - in British terms it would be a Fleet Auxiliary frigate - and formed the backdrop to a film of the execution and decapitation of Chiang Kai-shek's wife - who had been kidnapped from the US - on the rear deck of a PRC frigate sailing away from Kwajalein. Madame Chiang's soul was broken with a spirit-knife by the former head of KMT China's secret police, Tai Li, who had defected to the PRC in 1948 during the Chinese Civil War. Tai Li then defected to the Russians with the plans for the Chinese hydrogen bomb. U235 is an extremely slow-decaying material which gives a very long shelf-life to nukes built with it. Taiwan additionally has acquired since 1953 a total of three nuclear reactors, which produce plutonium, a material from which nukes can be produced which have a much shorter shelf-life and which present radioactivity problems. Taiwan is currently considering building a fourth nuclear reactor. Taiwan and the USA have never admitted that Taiwan has its own nukes, and have never admitted to their attempt to take over China by nuclear blackmail in 1953. Taiwan Narcotics - the Japanese had developed a massive narcotics-growing and narcotics-processing industry on Taiwan after their takeover in 1895 and used the drugs to pay for victories and support in their colonisation of Manchuria from 1931 onwards. The industry was investigated in 1945 by US intelligence agencies and they connived with Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang to export Taiwanese heroin and cocaine, together with narcotics from the 'Golden Triangle', to the US hidden in Taiwanese industrial exports. The racket continues to this day, underpinning Kuomintang influence on Taiwan and corrupting US racial minorities and US law enforcement agencies. Korean War Nukes - General Patton was assassinated with a nuke during the Korean War. In the "Fried Lice Affair" USNAF pilot Heather America, called "the Pallas Athene of the USNAF" by Eisenhower, wiped out the entire fake South Korean Assembly of CIA-recruited gangsters with an "accidental" napalm raid. A 50 megaton nuke was used to sink a US fleet to the west of Korea transporting an army of Taiwanese triad members intending to invade China. In 1953 a second US fleet transporting would-be invaders of China through Thailand was destroyed off Krakatoa with a 50 megaton nuke. That appears to have set off fissile material in the invasion fleet and precipitated an explosion of Krakatoa. The invaders were the Dragon's troops and were only apparently human, though wearing US army fatigues and spawned on an island in the Philippines. The worst thing that the US government has done is to twist history - to force other nations to conceal what actually happened. There has been a concerted effort to do this commencing in 1918 as a part of the Dragon's tactic of aiming at maximum efficiency in its war effort. Home